Starting a renovation and/or decoration project requires arming yourself with a lot of patience and, above all, technical and management skills, which can become a full-time job, and that in many cases, it is best to delegate to a professional.
The Project Manager is a figure that makes life easier for those who start a construction and/or decoration project. An experienced professional who plans, controls and supervises, carrying out the integral management of your work, so that you, as a client, do not have to worry about a thing.

Among the many characteristics that a Project Manager has, highlights the high knowledge of the project matter, the management and organization skills, the ability to work in a team, delegate and communicate.

We provide our clients with a large network of suppliers and professionals who assume specific responsibilities, which they would hardly assume before a private individual, which allows us to be much more realistic at the beginning of the project.

As Project Manager, the property and owner are represented in all phases of the project, from conception to commissioning, defending the interests of our client before suppliers and professionals.

The task of the designer would begin with the drawing up of a plan in agreement with the client, management of licenses and necessary documentation and finally hiring the suppliers and professionals that adapt to our needs and requirements.


Design, drafting, planning and execution of the work to be carried out. We will direct, manage and coordinate from the design phase to the execution phase, guaranteeing the work on time, cost and quality.

Management of incidents that may arise, monitoring of work auctions with contractors, as well as the economic closure.

Management of the documentation associated with the project, drawing up plans, rendering, budgets, reports, incidents and necessary licenses.

Transfer of information, documentation and guarantees to clients.

Planning of work to be carried out, prioritization of tasks, control and supervision of the project. We are responsible for the financial monitoring of the project, and for controlling possible deviations.

The agreed technical fees will depend on the complexity of the project.