Starting a renovation and/or decoration project requires a lot of patience and, above all, technical and management skills that can become a full-time job. In many cases, it's best to delegate this work to a professional.
The Project Manager is a figure who makes life easier for those starting a construction and/or decoration project. An experienced professional who plans, controls, and supervises the comprehensive management of your project, so that you, as a client, don't have to worry about anything.

Among the many characteristics that a Project Manager possesses, their high level of knowledge in the project field, their capacity for management and organization, teamwork skills, ability to delegate, and effective communication stand out.

We provide our clients with a vast network of suppliers and professionals who take on specific responsibilities that they would be unlikely to assume for an individual, which allows for a much more realistic approach at the beginning of the project.

As a Project Manager, I represent the property and owner in all phases of the project, from conception to completion, advocating for the interests of our client with suppliers and professionals.

The task of the Project Manager would begin with creating a plan in accordance with the client, managing permits and necessary documentation, and ultimately hiring suppliers and professionals that meet our needs and requirements.


Design, drafting, planning, and execution of the work to be carried out. We will lead, manage, and coordinate from the design phase to the execution phase, ensuring work is completed on time, within budget, and with quality.

Management of any issues that may arise, monitoring of the final touches of the work with contractors, as well as financial closure.

Management of the documentation associated with the project, preparation of plans, renders, budgets, reports, issues, and necessary permits.

Transfer of information, documentation, and guarantees to the clients.

Planning of tasks to be carried out, prioritization of tasks, control, and supervision of the project. We take responsibility for the economic monitoring of the project and control possible deviations.

The agreed technical fees will depend on the complexity of the project.



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