The person in charge of managing the whole purchase process for you, is your
Specialized in your area of interest, he or she finds properties that are not on the net, evaluates, inspects and selects them, so you visit only what is worth your time. The Property Buyer represents and defends the interests of the buyer exclusively, negotiating with the selling party and reviewing all documentation, to save time, money and worry.
Our team is formed of expert real estate agents in their areas who act in the defense of the buyer client. We also have legal, juridical and urban planning services to guarantee the safety of any operation. We look for the product that our client needs following their indications. Our services are personalized and their goal is to make easy the sale and ensure it for our clients.
  • Drafting of a market study.
  • Proactive search, selection and filtering of properties in the area and with the characteristics indicated in the attached document.
  • Preparation and reporting of detailed reports with photos of the homes visited.

  • Presentation of the offer, advice and assistance in the negotiation of the final agreements and signing of the sale contract.
  • Verification of the Property Registry by a simple note.
  • Financial Report

  • Drafting of a technical report on the property.
  • External legal advice if requested.
  • Previous reading of the notarial deed minutes.
  • Post-sale procedures: registrations / changes of names of the supplies of the property.

In other words, any management that can lead to one of the most important purchases of your life. Today we are more than 80 agents spread throughout Spain, being able to provide the service in most of the country, let yourself be advised by an expert with values that defends your interests ...


No worries, at Property Buyers and SomRIE we have launched some purchase packs with a guarantee, so one of our professionals will review all the documentation and make sure that everything is correct before you make the decision to buy.
  • Home valuation
  • Contract Review
  • Document Review
  • Technical report
  • Notary assistance


VAT not included
- Includes Basic Pack -

  • Tenant Search
  • Profitability Report


VAT not included
- Includes Basic & Investor Pack -

  • Mortgage search
  • Reform proposal and plans
  • Guarantee Insurance (10 years)
  • Disinfection of the home
  • Name change
  • Legal document management


VAT not included
If you also want us to negotiate the price for you, we will save you 10% with a maximum of € 5,000 + VAT

Differences between the services of the Real Estate Personal Shopper and the Purchase Packs

The difference consists in the execution times of each of the services. When the client comes with a home already chosen, it takes us between two and three weeks to complete the entire process.
However, when the Real Estate Personal Shopper service is hired, it takes between two and three months, since you have to start searching among 100% of the existing offer in the market (including off-market), make reports, check that everything is correct and negotiate with the seller of the property.
For this reason, the purchase packs with Property Buyers by SomRIE guarantee, are focused on people who have already seen, liked a home and what they want is to close the deposit contract, but need a service to verify that the entire operation is you will perform correctly and with all the guarantees.
Guarantee Pack 2022