They are the person who takes care of managing the buying process for you, they are your Real Estate Personal Shopper. They specialize in your area, find properties that are not listed on portals, evaluate and inspect them, and select the ones that are worth visiting. They exclusively represent and defend the buyer's interests, negotiate with the selling party, and review all the documentation to save you time, money, and worries.
Our team consists of real estate agents who are experts in their areas and act in defense of the buyer client. We also have legal, juridical, and urbanistic services to ensure the safety of any transaction. We search for the product that our client needs based on their indications. Our services are personalized and aim to facilitate and ensure the buying and selling process for our clients.
  • Writing a market study.
  • Proactive search, selection, and filtering of properties in the area with the characteristics indicated in the attached document.
  • Carrying out and reporting detailed reports with photos of the visited properties.

  • Presentation of the offer, advice, and assistance in negotiating the final agreements and signing the purchase contract.
  • Verification of the Property Registry through a simple note.
  • Financial report.

  • Writing a technical report of the property.
  • External legal advice in case it is requested.
  • Prior reading of the notarial deed draft.
  • Post-sale procedures: registration/changes of names for the property's utilities.

In other words, any management that may involve one of the most important purchases of your life. As of today, we have over 80 agents located throughout Spain, allowing us to provide service in most parts of the country. Let yourself be advised by an expert with values who will defend your interests...

Secure Purchase Packs with Property Buyers.

Don't worry anymore, at Property Buyers and SomRIE we have launched purchase packs with a guarantee, so that one of our professionals can review all the documentation and ensure that everything is in order before you make the decision to buy.
  • Property valuation
  • Contract review
  • Document review
  • Technical report
  • Notary assistance


IVA not included
- Includes Basic Pack -

  • Profitability Report
  • Tenant Search


IVA not included
- Includes Basic Pack and Investor -

  • Mortgage search
  • Renovation proposal and plans
  • 10-year Warranty Insurance
  • Home disinfection
  • Name change
  • Legal document management


IVA not included
If you also want us to negotiate the price for you, we can achieve a 10% savings with a maximum of €5,000. + IVA

Differences between the services of the Personal Shopper Inmobiliario and the Packs de Compra

The difference lies in the execution times of each service. When the client comes with a pre-selected property, we take between two and three weeks to complete the entire process.
However, when the Personal Shopper Inmobiliario service is hired, it takes between two and three months, as we have to start searching among 100% of the existing market offers (including off-market), prepare reports, verify that everything is in order, and negotiate with the property seller.
Therefore, the Property Buyers by SomRIE guarantee purchase packs are aimed at people who have already seen and liked a property and wish to close the down payment contract, but need a service to verify that the entire transaction will be carried out correctly and with all guarantees.
2022 Guarantee Package



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